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Board of Directors

Phillip Pittman

One of seven founding members of Honor Flight Kentucky, Pittman currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors. He is a retired 26-year Army Aviation veteran.

Pittman has been very active with increasing public awareness about the Honor Flight program and from day one has said, “Being involved with HFK has solidified my belief that there is ‘No Greater Honor’ than to give back to the men and women who have worn the uniform in service to our Nation.”

Ashley Boggs Bruggeman

Launching her involvement with Honor Flight Kentucky in 2019 as a volunteer on behalf of the Junior League of Lexington, Bruggeman joined the Homefront Heroes team to honor the spouses of our Vietnam veterans.

Bruggeman serves the organization in various capacities, striving to celebrate each participating veteran. She has been very involved in the community through several charitable organizations over the years, but can’t think of a more rewarding experience than showing gratitude for the service and sacrifices of our nation’s veterans. Her brother currently serves in the U.S. Navy, previously stationed at Camp David among other locations and currently in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

“There’s nothing like seeing the image of two WWII veterans squeezing each other’s hands while they watch the guards at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier or the image of a South Korean man saluting one of our Korean War vets while at the memorial in D.C. These are moments that move you to tears and remind you how impactful their service has been not only to our own Nation, but to the world as a whole.”

Evan Goldey

Goldey became involved in the organization after serving as a guardian for his father-in-law on a 2017 Honor Flight. Upon his return, he was so impressed by the experience, he immediately knew he needed to be involved in HFK in some capacity and initially signed up to serve as a volunteer guardian. As his participation increased he had a desire to do even more and south the involvement of his employer, Lexmark International, to assist with printing needs. This led to Lexmark proudly sponsoring the Homefront Heroes event, a special day focused on spouses of veterans who participate in the all-Vietnam flights.

“Although I have never served, I am proud to be associated with Honor Flight Kentucky and honored to give back to generations of veterans who have laid the foundation for the freedoms we enjoy each day,” Goldey stated. “It is my privilege and desire to help the organization grow and raise awareness so all qualified veterans have the opportunity to be recognized for their service. They are our greatest heroes and deserve nothing less.”

Keith Kidd

Kidd first became involved with Honor Flight Kentucky through the Toyota Motor Manufacturing sponsored flight in October of 2016. Since then, he has served HFK in numerous roles as a part of Flight Day.

“It’s both a blessing and a privilege to be part of such a special day for veterans,” Kidd shared. “The highlight of each flight is having veterans explain to me how much they enjoyed the day and what it personally meant to them. Being part of Honor Flight is a day that will change your life.”

Scott Lanter

In June of 2014, Lanter began his relationship with HFK and since then has been served in various capacities on several Honor Flights. “Serving the men and women who have stood in harms way, protecting our country is a humbling experience that changes your life,” he shared.

Lanter describes each veteran as a national treasure and notes that some have made or witnessed key moments in history. “I’ve chatted with an Army Air Corp soldier who was a genuine Tuskegee Airman, a tanker who stormed across France and Germany with General Patton, a Marine who fought at the Chosin Reservoir, and a sailor who helped recover John Glenn and the Friendship 7.” He also notes that regardless of their service, they all have one important thing in common. “Each veteran has their own story to tell. They have all earned their day in D.C. and the celebration that takes place upon returning home.”

Denise Manieri

Manieri and her family first became involved with Honor Flight Kentucky by attending “Welcome Home” ceremonies. The impact on the veterans being honored at these ceremonies was so overwhelming that she looked for ways to become more involved. As the deputy commander of her local Civil Air Patrol squadron, she got her cadets involved in both “Send Off” and “Welcome Home” activities. After serving as the guardian for a Korean War veteran, her passion for the mission was solidified.

“It is such a privilege to serve those who have served our country. From the moment our veterans arrive at the airport until the minute they leave, the day is all about them. My favorite part of the day is the ‘Welcome Home’ celebration. Veterans and their families get to see hundreds of community members come together to show respect and appreciation for their sacrifice. There’s not a dry eye in the house!”

Tabatha McEldred

In 2018, McEldred served as a guardian for her father, a Korean War veteran. She continued her support of veteran initiatives by joining the Toyota Veterans Association and supporting the 2019 Honor Flight. McEldred accepted the role as Secretary of the Board in 2020. Her son is currently serving in the U.S. Marines.

Her favorite part of the flights is to sit back and listen to history come alive in a way that could never be taught. “Listening to the personal stories of our veterans service and sacrifice as well as the love and support of families and friends back home…there is absolutely no greater honor than to give back and recognize all the men and women who bravely served so we could be free.”

Joe Settles

Settles became involved with HFK through Touchstone Energy and continues to play a significant role in their annual sponsored flight as well as various aspects of the logistical operations of the organization.