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Dear HFK Family,

I want to tell you what a wonderful day I experienced on my Honor Flight. I had no idea the veterans were going to be given such a great send off, and by so many people and what a tear-jerking welcome home ceremony! We also had a great welcome in DC by at least 200 to 300 individuals of all ages.

We visited many memorials and traveled so comfortably. I was impressed by the police escort our buses received…no waiting for a green light or getting caught in traffic. The personnel that accompanied us tended our every need. They were all pleasant and could not do enough for us. I was impressed by my guardian, Brian. We hit it off beautifully. I thought before we left that he wouldn’t have much to do…but he was always doing something nice for me. And he is such a great guy!

I appreciated those beautiful letters written by the school children.

Truly it was a trip I will never forget and I am so appreciative for all the work and planning that went into such an event. I don’t recall a single mishap.

Thank you so much,

Clarence Bloomfield