P.O. Box 1, Winchester, Kentucky 40392 info@honorflightky.org

Flight Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for an Honor Flight Kentucky mission. Veterans of WWII, the Korean, and Vietnam Wars are placed on our waiting list. Veterans are also prioritized for flights based on age as we lose an estimated 640 WWII veterans nationwide each day. The only exception to this are terminally ill veterans from any war, who will be prioritized.

REAL ID enforcement goes into effect May 3, 2023. Kentucky driver’s licenses without a black star cannot be used at airport security checkpoints for U.S. commercial air travel. Click here to learn more.

There are multiple applications below. Please read through this entire page before selecting an application.

Before submitting an application, please ensure you meet the requirements below:

Yes, I would like to fly out of Lexington, KY. (If not, please visit www.honorflight.org for other hubs)

I served active duty, honorably, in any branch, anywhere, and in any capacity during or between the official Department of Veteran’s Affairs dates for WWII, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. (The exceptions to this are terminally ill veterans of any age).

WWII, Korean and Vietnam Veterans click here to apply to fly!

Guardians, please click here to apply.

Calling all volunteers!! Send us your volunteer application!