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Operation HERoes Mail Call

Join us in honoring our Veterans through Mail Call

As a part of every mission, we seek to show gratitude on behalf of the community for the service of our Veterans through Mail Call. Our Veterans are given cards, letters, and children’s drawings sent in from their loved ones, community organizations, individuals and school children thanking them for their service to our Nation.

You can be a part of our upcoming all-female flight by submitting mail for the more than 135 Veterans flying with us on June 11th!!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Handwritten letters or cards are most appreciated
  • Mail should be addressed to “Hero” or “Trailblazer” (avoid referring to any specific branch of service)
  • Sign ONLY your first name, an organization name is also acceptable
  • Do not date the letters
  • Do not seal envelopes other than what you might mail them in (all mail is reviewed and screened)
  • Don’t use staples or pins or anything that can injure fragile hands
  • Drawn/colored pictures are appreciated from children (avoid using dark colored paper so it can be easily read). Some sample coloring pages are included below
  • Mail must be RECEIVED by May 23rd for the all-female flight

Click the Logo above to download the instructions and template

Mail can be sent to:

Honor Flight Kentucky
Attn: Mail Call
P.O. Box 1
Winchester, KY 40392