Join Our 5K


Thank you for your interest in applying for an Honor Flight Kentucky mission. We are currently flying Veterans of WWII, the Korean, and Vietnam Wars. All applications are placed on our waiting list and prioritized for flights based on war era, age, and medical condition. We strive to select those Veterans with the oldest application dates. The only exception to this policy is terminally ill Veterans from any war, who will be flown as soon as possible.

Currently, the REAL ID enforcement goes into effect May 7, 2025 at which time a Kentucky driver's licenses with a black star must be used at airport security checkpoints for U.S. commercial air travel. If you do not have a Real ID, other Government issued ID's, such as military retiree issued ID cards or Passports are sufficient for airport security checkpoints.

Before submitting a Veteran or Guardian application, please ensure you meet the requirements below:

  1. Yes, I would like to fly out of Blue Grass Airport, Lexington, KY. (If not, please visit for other hubs)
  2. I served in the Active Component, Reserves or in the National Guard, honorably, in any branch, anywhere, and in any capacity during or between the official Department of Veteran's Affairs dates for WWII, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars, between the years 1941-1975.
  3. I understand that my spouse is prohibited from being my Guardian in accordance with Honor Flight National policy.